The Springdale Basketball Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to promote basketball skills development, teamwork, discipline, character, and physical fitness for the future Springdale Jr. and Sr. high basketball players. We are the “minor league” system, responsible to develop the future players for the Springdale Jr. and Sr. High basketball programs. If your child is serious about playing in the Springdale Jr. and Sr. High basketball programs, they should play on a “Sonics” team!

The Springdale Basketball Association is a competitive league that develops Springdale basketball players. All of our coaches are instructed to “Play To Win” their games. As such, they try their best to get as much playing time as possible for all the kids, but playing time is not guaranteed. Part of development is understanding what it takes to get better and, thus earning more playing time.

Our missions is to get kids interested in basketball at an early age and keep them interested through Jr. and Sr. High. We also believe that we must develop a minimum of 50 players per age group/gender to be able to “feed” the Springdale Jr. and Sr. High basketball programs in the future. We believe that these kids should play with their future teammates. To support this, we form teams from the elementary and middle schools that are designated (by school boundaries) to attend a specific middle/Jr. high school. We then pair these teams as evenly as possible, based on skill level, to play in our own “SBA League”. This may result in some girls teams playing against boys teams if the teams are of equal skill level. It may also result in younger teams playing older teams of the same gender. We hope to have at least 15 highly skilled players, from each gender, ready to enter our four Jr. High Schools each year.

We provide coaching, practice, and tournament play for children between 2nd and 6th grades. It’s a proven fact that “children that participate in athletics are more successful in school and life than those that do not.”