Selection of Players:
It is important to understand that the Springdale Sonics play at a “competitive” level. As such, players will be selected every year thru the annual tryout process by SBA officials. There will be no gaurenteed spots for any player. We will select teams based on the future middle/jr high school that they are to attend based on school boundaries (private school and home school children are eligible if they live in the physical boundaries of the Springdale School System). We strive to have four teams of boys and girls for each age group from 2nd through 5th grade and one team from each gender/grade from 6th through 7th by middle school. The SBA will select between 8 and 12 players based on player skills. If your child is not selected for a given year we stress that they continue to play in the Springdale Parks and Recreation leagues, or others as available, and return the following year for the next SBA tryout. We will have “combo” teams from different middle school districts when we have too many or too few kids from a particular middle school district. Once teams are formed we will try to keep them team together in future years until they get to middle school, and then they must play with their middle school team.

Only students in Springdale Schools or students that reside in the Springdale School district are eligible to participate in the SBA, there will be no exceptions to this rule irregardless of the situation. Home Schooled and Private School kids are eligible to play if they attend a Springdale private school and/or they reside in the physical boundaries of the Springdale School District.

Adding Players To Your Roster During the Season:
Teams may add players to their rosters after the season has begun as long as they meet the eligibility requirements listed above and are approved by SBA officials. Also, since we try to build our teams along middle school boundaries, a player should play with the appropriate team. Exceptions will be made if the appropriate team has a full roster and this coach and the SBA board concur. Coaches should bring any new players to the attention of the league director (Josh Tarver / James Dean) for approval before adding them to their roster.

SBA League:
All Sonic teams 2-5 grades will participate in the “SBA League”. These games are “play to win” but we stress not to run the score up on other Sonic teams. All games are “everything basketball” from 4th grade and older. The only exceptions are 2nd and 3rd grade teams which will play on 8′ goals, use a Jr. sized basketball, and no pressing or guarding in the backcourt after a missed shot. All 4-5 grade teams will use 28.5 balls. Some teams may play up into another age group. This will depend on number of teams and skill levels of the available teams.

Participation on Multiple Teams:
Sonic players are allowed to play on multiple teams. However, should they come up against another Sonic team in any particular tournament and/or league they should not compete against the Sonic team and sit that game out.

AAO 5th Grade Players:
5th graders that were selected to play on AAO league teams are also allowed to participate on their assigned SBA 5th grade team regarless of whether or not they participated in SBA league during the AAO season. They will be allowed, at any time in the SBA season, to participate, if they so chose.

Playing Up:
It is the SBA’s policy to have your child play in the same group as their current school class. There are very few exceptions to this policy. If a parent feels their child should be playing up they should ask their current coach to contact the appropriate Jr. High School Coach to request an evaluation. A player will only be approved to play up if the Jr. High Coach agrees. If approved, the child may only play up on the older team of the appropriate middle school district based on the childs elementary school. Coaches should not “recruit” younger kids to play up on their teams, these requests should come from their current coach or parent to the appropriate Jr. High coach. Once the Jr. High coach approves, the current coach will contact the new coach and notify them of the childs request to play up with them If the new coach concurs, the player may be moved to the new team. Any “play up” exceptions must be approved before tryouts are conducted each September so that we know what kids are coming back to their old teams. Once rosters are set and uniform sizing complete, the teams are set and no more movement until the next September.Players may also play up if the SBA determines it is best to move an entire team to an older division for competitive reasons.A player may also play up if their parent coaches a team at a higher grade level.

Selection of Coaches:
The SBA coaches are selected and approved by the SBA Board. All coaches and assistant coaches must submit a coaching application and resume and agree to be interviewed by the SBA Board for approval. All SBA board members and SBA coaches children must play for a SBA team if they are participating in organized basketball, assuming there is a SBA team available for them to play on, and assuming they are selected by this team.

Coach Development:
The SBA wants to ensure that our coaches are well trained and qualified to instruct our kids. As such we will provide the following programs for our coaches and ask that every coach participates in these programs:
1) Mentor Program – each coach will be assigned either a Jr. or Sr. High head coach as their mentor to assist them as needed in practices and strategy
2) Coaching Clinics – each coach will be asked to participate in a minimum of two coaching clinics per year conducted by the SBA
3) Coaching Packet – Each coach will receive a coaching packet that details the skills/drills/techniques that should be taught in practice as well as a guide to conducting a successful practice.
Coaches Kids Fees:
The SBA head coaches are not required to pay the annual membership for any of their children. All players must pay for their uniforms as these are the property of the child/parent.
Respresenting the SBA:
Coaches, managers, players, and parents are expected to display a courteous and professional attitude towards fellow coaches, players, officials and parents. No offensive language or behavior will be tolerated. Coaches will be removed immediately from the organization on the first offense of offensive language and/or mental/physical abuse. THERE ARE NO WARNINGS and the first offense is the last offense.

Player Reprimands:
As per the coaches, the SBA does not tolerate cussing or fighting among our players. If you have a player that cusses or fights during a game they should be set down for the remainder of that game and the entirety of the next game for the first offense. If there is a second offense we will not allow the player to play again for the remainder of the season.

SBA Player Uniforms:
SBA Teams may only wear the approved SBA team uniforms. Each player is responsible for the purchase and maintenance of these uniforms. Players should keep the uniforms clean and repaired at all times. Although it is not necessary to purchase a new uniform each season, we expect that the old uniforms will be replaced if they become undersized, tattered, or faded. The cost of new uniforms is $42.50 including shirt and shorts.

Basketball replacement:
The SBA has incurred much expense over the past few years because basketballs were lost or not returned. It is not our intent to continually spend SBA funds for lost or misplaced basketballs. We want to use our funds to support our players and coaches. Each SBA head coach will be given 5 basketballs (of the appropriate size for their age group) at the formation of their team. It is the responsibility of the head coach to keep the basketballs in good condition. The head coach will be required to turn the basketballs back to the SBA coordinator at which time either 1) The coach no longer intends to be the head coach of the team, or 2) The team moves up in age group that requires mens basketballs. If a coach requires new basketballs due to normal wear and tear, the old basketball must be turned in to the SBA coordinator and the SBA will replace. If basketballs are lost, the head coach is responsible to replace at a cost of $15 each. Remember, boys use the woman’s 28.5 ball until 7th grade.