Liability Waiver

  • This Release of Liability Agreement ("Agreement") is provided in connection with the present or future participation in events, games, tournaments, practices, clinics, and similar activities that are promoted, sponsored or affiliated in some way with the Springdale Basketball Association ("Association").

    The Undersigned hereby acknowledges and agrees to each of the following things, both on his or her own account and on behalf of all minors who are listed below:

    --The Association sponsors and/or holds teams, leagues, tournaments, games, practices, clinics, and other similar events (collectively the "Events") from time to time that pertain or relate in some way to basketball.

    --Participating in basketball activities and participating and even attending the Events could possibly result in property damage, personal injury, disability or death. The actions of other people who will be participating and/or attending the Events are unpredictable. I am aware of the risks associated with these things, both on my own account and on behalf of all minors that are listed below, and all of us will be voluntarily participating and/or attending the Events with complete knowledge or the risks and dangers involved, and agree to accept any and all risks or property damage, personal injury, disability or death.

    --In consideration of being either potentially or actually permitted to participate and/or attend and/or coach in and/or officiate in one or more Events, I hereby forever waive and release Springdale Basketball Association, its directors, officers, employees, coaches, agents and volunteers, jointly and severally from any present or future claims or causes of action of any kind of type, including but not limited to negligence, for property damage, personal injury, disability or death, that arise out of or pertain in any way to any Events or my participation or attendance at any Events.

    --In addition to the foregoing, I promise not to file any lawsuit against the Association that involves or pertains in any way to any of the claims or causes of action that are released or described in this Agreement.

    --I understand that by signing this Agreement, neither the Association nor any of it directors, officers, employees, coaches, agents and volunteers will be responsible in any way for any injuries, disability, medical bills, or damages of any kind to me or any of the minors listed below.

    --I understand that the Association MAY have certain limited insurance coverage from time to time that may pay for limited medical expenses in certain situations. I hereby state that I am not signing this Agreement under the impression that the Association will have or keep any such insurance. If it exists and if it covers any medical or other expenses, I will not seek to recover anything further from the Association.

    --With respect to any and all minors listed below, this Agreement shall apply equally to them, and by signing below I am certifying that I am a parent or legal guardian to each of them.

    --I will indemnify the Association and its directors, officers, employees, coaches, agents and volunteers for any amounts of any kind that the Association has to pay for injuries, disabilities, medical bills, or damage of any kind and for all legal costs and attorneys fees related thereto, to any of the persons named below or any of their parents, guardians, heirs, executors, administrators, or personal representatives and this Agreement shall be binding on all those persons.

    --The Association is a non-profit corporation that does not attempt to make a profit and whose entire purpose is to develop basketball skills in kids and to promote basketball in general. I understand and have taken this into account when deciding whether to sign this Agreement and accept the risks of proceeding.

    --I irrevocably consent to the unrestricted right to photograph, video tape, and otherwise record or document my picture, name, likeness, etc. and that of all persons listed below, while participating in any Association event or any event in which I or any of the persons listed below are participating as a member of the Association or a spectator, and I authorize the Association to use all such photographs, video tapes, etc. on its website or for any other purpose.