Coaching Application

Springdale Sonics League Coaching Application
    By signing this form you do hereby submit an application for a coaching position within the Springdale Basketball Association (SBA). If selected to participate, I will fully comply with all rules, regulations, and directives of the SBA and its governing board, as now exist or as may be adopted from time to time. I agree to conduct myself in a professional and appropriate manner as deemed by the SBA and its governing board, both at practices and during games, as well as when dealing with participants and parents of the SBA and will abide by its rules and guidelines. I further authorize SBA to conduct any and all inquiries and investigation into my background as SBA deems appropriate at its discretion, including determining my eligibility, qualifications and suitability for a coaching position. This investigation may also include asking my current and any former employer or other person or entity about my education, training, experience, qualifications, job performance, professional conduct and evaluations, as well as reason(s) for leaving employment, whether I could be rehired, reasons for not rehiring (If applicable) and similar information.
  • Please attach a resume containing your (1) Playing and Coaching experience (2) Describe your philosophy of Basketball (3) Describe your reason for wanting to coach (4) List any children who would participate and their age/grade level. Thanks!